Letter to Dell 给戴尔的信

Published on by lianhuaxiaofo

I bought a Inspiron 1501 and received it yesterday. But I found the computer is dirty. I checked it with Norton Disk Doctor and found two USB disks and a floppy disk were virtually installed in the harddisk. I try to erase them by low formatting the hard disk with many software but never succeed. And your engineer in China lied to me that the operation system you provide does not have a graphic mode, but I found it had. Then I cannot trust your Chinese employee any longer. How can a famous brand name like Dell do this? I am expecting your prompt answer or I may open this whole issue to the press or sue you.

我购买了一部戴尔的Inspiron 1501手提电脑,并且于昨天收到,但是我发现这台电脑是脏的。我用Norton Disk Doctor检测过,有两个USB硬盘和一个3寸软盘被虚拟装入我的硬盘。我试图用低级格式化来删去这些虚拟的硬盘,但是使用了很多软件都不能成功。而且贵公司的工程师对我撒谎,说提供的红旗系统软件没有图形界面,很难使用,而我发现其实是有的,我无法信任贵公司的中国雇员了。如戴尔这样的著名品牌怎么可以这样做?我期待能够得到贵公司的尽快答复,否则我会向媒体公开此事,并提起诉讼。
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