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手中并无寸铁,只凭籍凛然正气,一名北京市民挡住钢甲坦克车队。民不畏死,奈何以死惧之? 美联社照片

(220K) -- Cover page1: Title of the CND picture series. A young man stands in front of tanks heading down Chang'an Boulevard on June 5, 1989, in front of the Beijing Hotel. The tanks stopped their advance momentarily as he pleaded for an end to the killing in China's capital. (Photo by AP Photographer Jeff Widener)


摄影:端木壮 --亚洲周刊

Cover02.jpg (216K) -- Cover page 2: Title of the CND picture series. A young girl presents flowers to the Monument to the People's Heroes on TAM square.


mascr001.jpg (280K) -- A worker is helped through the crowd at TAM after being wounded in a clash with police outside the Great Hall of the People. The army helmet he is carrying fell off a soldier during the melee (6/3)..



mascr002.jpg (371K) -- Beijing citizens yell oaths against the Chinese government as they surround the body of a man who died when an armored personnel carrier on its way to Tiananmen Square crashed through a troop convoy.



mascr003.jpg (208K.) -- Tanks and a dead body on Tiananmen Square at dawn of June 4th.



mascr004.jpg (150K) -- With tears in their eyes, student withdraw from TAM (early morning 6/4).


mascr005.jpg (202K) -- Beijing citizens help remove an injured student from TAM following a clash with Chinese army troops (6/4).


mascr006.jpg (267K) -- A crowd of Chinese give way to a busload of foreign tourists to watch a dead body Monday morning, victim of the first night of violence as PLA troops shot their way into TAM (6/5).



mascr007.jpg (138K, B&W) -- Relatives and friends, covering their noses against the stench, try to identify the dead at Fuxing Hospital in western Beijing (6/5).


mascr008.jpg (253K) -- A rickshaw driver fiercely paddle the wounded with the help of bystanders to a nearby hospital. Soldiers again fired hundreds of rounds towards angry crowds gathered outside TAM (6/4).


mascr009.jpg (155K, B&W) -- Dead bodies, victims of last two days of violence in Beijing, lay in a makeshift morgue at the Post and telecommunications Hospital in western Beijing (6/5).


mascr010.jpg (152K, B&W) -- Relatives outside Beijing's Post and Telecommunications Hospital Monday mourn the death of a Beijing University student killed during the last two days of violence (6/5).

一具从街上搬来的尸体。-- A bloody dead body was removed from the street.


-- A seriously wounded student lying on a stretcher is transported to a hospital.


摄影:K&W 图片社

-- Students carry a gun-fire wounded classmate to the hospital.


-- A human body was crushed to pieces by PLA's tanks.



mascr015.jpg (207K) -- PLA soldiers, with guns pointing at the students on TAM, stand in front of the Great Hall of the People. The gun fire from one of the guns can be seen in the picture.


mascr016.jpg (298K) -- Tiananmen Square, and the area of Chang'an Boulevard in front of it, became an armed camp after more than 200 tanks came into the city overnight (6/5).


-- Ten armed soldiers beating a student to death in TAM Square during the massacre (6/4).



-- Beijing citizens show bullets and shells to news reporters.


-- Two people hiding beneath a car as a military truck passes by (6/7).


mascr020.jpg (192K) -- Fang Lizhi, astrophysicist and China's most famous dissident, has been allowed to take refuge in the US Embassy in Beijing, a State Dept. spokesman in Washington announced Tuesday. Hard-liners have blamed Fang for instigating the China's student democracy movement. This photo was taken on June 3rd.


-- A wall of tanks and APCs greet bicycle commuters near TAM Square (6/13).


mascr022.jpg (103K) -- China national TV reportedThursday(6/16/89) a Shanghai Court has sentenced three men to death in anti-government riot of June 6. He is one of the three (6/16).

天安门大屠杀后,在建国门外桥上的解放军坦克。mascr023.jpg (320K) -- PLA tanks on Jian Guo Men Wai Bridge after Tian An Men massacre.


mascr024.jpg (254K) -- Truckloads of PLA soldiers driving to TAM on Chang An Boulevard.


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